Music Myths: Can music make you smarter? What about happier?

Having spent a weekend doing my best impressions of a noughties teenager at Reading Festival 2017 (leaving me with a neck that can barely move from my flailing attempts at hairography), it’s no surprise that my brain has been percolating on some ideas around music. Because you might be rocking headphones whilst you read this, but does music help with productivity? Does your favourite song really lift your mood? Is it true listening to music can make you smarter? Learn languages faster? Boost your memory? There are dozens of myths about the power of music. Here are some of the ones I find most interesting.


7 Things I Learned From Too Much Rock’n’Roll

Music has played a defining role in my life – the friends, the ideas, the experiences. Music is a glue binding the piece of my life together, teaching me lessons I didn’t even realise I was being taught. This is a piece about those lessons. Enjoy. And mind the cheese.