How To Be A Heroine

As a twentysomething, I often feel as if I am 'in training to be a heroine' like Jane Austen's Catherine Morland. Because even though I know there's no real narrative to any life outside of books, there's still a part of me searching ... after all if I'm not the heroine in my own life then what's the bloody point?


Man Booker 2015: Let the Literary Rumpus Begin

With the 2015 Man Booker Dozen announced, the book world awaits the next literary rumpus. Call me cynical, but from where I’m sitting, there are more than a few top contenders for this year’s Man Booker media storm. Up first: The Americans have arrived. It’s the second year of the new rules allowing all writers … Continue reading Man Booker 2015: Let the Literary Rumpus Begin