Idea Debt & Getting Sh*t Done

Get shit done. As a mantra, I don't imagine my granny would approve. But it's seen me through deadlines, races, awkward meetings, breakups, and pretty much my entire twenty-something life. More thousands of words to write than hours in the day? Get shit done. No sleep, surviving on coffee, horrible "real-life" workload? Get shit done. Want to stay in … Continue reading Idea Debt & Getting Sh*t Done

Make Them Tea & Other Top Secret Intern Tips

Make Them Tea & Other Top Secret Intern Tips Almost a year ago I wrote about my musings over a graduate application.   Back then I thought things were tough. There I was, plugged into my computer, working on my dissertation whilst job searching whilst watching the summer go by without me. And all I was receiving … Continue reading Make Them Tea & Other Top Secret Intern Tips