Idea Debt & Getting Sh*t Done

Get shit done. As a mantra, I don't imagine my granny would approve. But it's seen me through deadlines, races, awkward meetings, breakups, and pretty much my entire twenty-something life. More thousands of words to write than hours in the day? Get shit done. No sleep, surviving on coffee, horrible "real-life" workload? Get shit done. Want to stay in … Continue reading Idea Debt & Getting Sh*t Done

PERSONALbrand IDENTITYcrisis: Risk Taking, Self Making

Every so often I have these days where I slightly freak out and panic. Not in an anxiety way. No, no, no. It’s not sinister. It’s kind of the opposite. More like excitement. Intense. Scary. Exhilarating. Excitement. Like a ‘holy shit the world is so big and how did you pull that off and how … Continue reading PERSONALbrand IDENTITYcrisis: Risk Taking, Self Making