Another Kind of Luck : A Short Story

A Short Story In defence of Jackdaw Scrummach, it should be recorded that he was never very good at saying no. He wasn’t exactly a ‘yes-man’, but he was certainly not a ‘no-man’, and that was why he ended up knocking on Polly Seton’s door so terribly early in the morning. Or rather, why he … Continue reading Another Kind of Luck : A Short Story

Of Fear and Freedom (or on Banned Books Week)

The list of banned books is a pretty impressive though not particularly exclusive club. And the number one reason for most being on there is not obscenity or insensitivity: it is fear. Fear, which makes us self-censor our words and stop before we write. Fear, which can make us better writers and readers... but only if we let it.

BookADay UK : From Beginnings to Ends

So many of these questions were answered by a) Harry Potter, b) crime fiction, and c) literary classics, d) fantasy and e) young adult… I've decided I'm splitting those off into their own little subsects. Some of the answers are in here anyway. And you'll be able to link through to the other editions once they're live.