When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you.

 Lemony Snicket

Being in touch with fellow scribblers is one of the things I love most about the internet. We live in this super crazy interconnected world and the best thing about it is that we writers and readers and bloggers and everything else can find the things we’re interested in.

It also means that even at the end of the world, our libraries will be infinite.

So give us a wave, whether it be a comment on one of the posts, a message by email, a tweet or a follow on twitter. I’m sucky at instagram but I’m also on there.

Also follow me 🙂 I’ll love to follow you back.


Twitter: @thescribblebug

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Daniel Robertson says:


    I absolutely adore your blog!

    I have recently published a small 34 page poetry chapbook and am currently in search of people such as yourself to review my work. I completely understand if you are not able to as I know your line of work is a busy one but I thought I would add a small synopsis of the work to this enquiry and an example of a poem from it that was recently published by another blogger (This is added to the bottom of this message.) The collection is entitled ‘Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy.’ Out of interest if you are able to take a look at my new collection would it be okay to email you across a PDF version.

    A poetry chapbook from The Junk Talk Poet that levitates above modern society with a keen and observational eye. The poems extract the dark and the light from the images in which it creates giving in exchange verse of a unique and experimental nature. Based around the belief that all who enter this earth, adopting human form, do so upon paper boats facing the tumultuous waves of reality as we each find ourselves Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy.


    If you still would like more information about the book you can follow the link to a recent review that will give you more of an idea about the work –

    Thank you so much for sparing the time to read this email and I thank you for your correspondence in advance,

    Kind Regards


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