Another Kind of Luck : A Short Story

A Short Story In defence of Jackdaw Scrummach, it should be recorded that he was never very good at saying no. He wasn’t exactly a ‘yes-man’, but he was certainly not a ‘no-man’, and that was why he ended up knocking on Polly Seton’s door so terribly early in the morning. Or rather, why he … Continue reading Another Kind of Luck : A Short Story

Of Fear and Freedom (or on Banned Books Week)

The list of banned books is a pretty impressive though not particularly exclusive club. And the number one reason for most being on there is not obscenity or insensitivity: it is fear. Fear, which makes us self-censor our words and stop before we write. Fear, which can make us better writers and readers... but only if we let it.

unikitty catcalling


Ah the catcall – the unsolicited dick-pick made IRL. Every time a catcaller opens their mouth, it’s tempting to put a gun in it. I've avoided writing about it until now, but I'm beginning to realise that unless everyone is talking about the issue - no one is going to listen. This post may be NSFW.