Slacktivism: How powerful is online activism?

Slacktivism is a funny little hybrid word - a portmanteau of ‘slacker’ and ‘activism’.  It applies to ‘actions taken to bring about political or social change but requiring only minimal commitment, effort, or risk’, but more generally referring to the casual liking or retweeting of political or issue-led content online in lieu of mobilising IRL. Over the … Continue reading Slacktivism: How powerful is online activism?

15 life lessons from cats

Cats. Love them or loathe them, they’re everywhere. I mean literally everywhere. They prowl down the streets, curl up outside cafes, pad through the pages of your web browser, and tumble through adverts selling crap you never knew you ever wanted. They’re also used as a kind of cuteness therapy. Having a bad day? Here’s … Continue reading 15 life lessons from cats

unikitty catcalling


Ah the catcall – the unsolicited dick-pick made IRL. Every time a catcaller opens their mouth, it’s tempting to put a gun in it. I've avoided writing about it until now, but I'm beginning to realise that unless everyone is talking about the issue - no one is going to listen. This post may be NSFW.