Why we need a money positivity movement

Money is emotional. Find a fiver in an old coat and you’re elated. Realise payday is after the bank holiday and there’s that all-too-familiar sinking feeling. I can’t count the number of times I’ve written (and spoken) about how money is emotional and why that’s the case. Hell, so many people have written that sentence, … Continue reading Why we need a money positivity movement

Anything but Ordinary: twenty-something ambition explained with Disney

Is all this hard work really what I want? I suspect a lot of twenty-somethings have asked something similar at one time or another – at uni, in careerland, whilst scraping mould from the shower curtain. For example, it might be the question that pops into your head one Friday evening when you’ve had a … Continue reading Anything but Ordinary: twenty-something ambition explained with Disney

Hack The Ceiling: How to close the gender gap in tech

Women are under represented in digital technology occupations. It’s a given – a well-known, hardly news-worthy, fact. Marie Stafford described the situation in her article for Campaign: despite being avid users of tech, women are dramatically underrepresented in the industry. In the UK, only 17% of IT specialists are women compared to a quarter of … Continue reading Hack The Ceiling: How to close the gender gap in tech

I’m an impostor & everyone is about to find out

A fear that teachers or colleagues will realise you have no real grasp on the work. A snake of insecurity that means you can't comprehend how you deserve to be part of a friendship circle. A shiver of apprehension every time you have to present something because of a belief that your ideas or results can’t possibly be enough. Or – as in my case – a cold, constant voice in the back of your head telling you that you are not really a writer, that you’ve been fooling everyone and one day they’ll turn on you because of it. Oh yes, it’s time to talk Impostor Syndrome.

Ch-ch-ch-changes & a quarter-life breakthrough

It's that time of the year again. Everything tastes of change - the air, the breeze, the extra shot of espresso in the morning. There's something about the shift through autumn into winter that puts the year in perspective. And as the year moves to its close, I figure it's time to look back at everything that's happened. Prepare for some oversharing. And some cheese. And some gifs. As per.

Writing, Fintech & Multipotential Lives

I am not trying to sell you a new job (although we are hiring if you’re awesome and want to work with me) but this blog does ask you to examine your idea of "careerism". If you stop half way, you may suffer from the following symptoms: confusion, anxiety, nausea, uncontrollable weeping and intense itchiness of the feet. If you do experience any of these, don’t worry, it’ll pass once you get off your butt and change your stars.