#FintechForGood: Swipe Right For A Better Future

At the risk of sounding like I'm going through my post-adolescent idealistic phase (a fair assumption), I want to talk about an idea referred to as #fintechforgood - or the technology behind money that is making finance a more sustainable industry in terms of people, planet and profit.

Writing, Fintech & Multipotential Lives

I am not trying to sell you a new job (although we are hiring if you’re awesome and want to work with me) but this blog does ask you to examine your idea of "careerism". If you stop half way, you may suffer from the following symptoms: confusion, anxiety, nausea, uncontrollable weeping and intense itchiness of the feet. If you do experience any of these, don’t worry, it’ll pass once you get off your butt and change your stars.