11 untranslatable words all book lovers will understand

Words. Words. Words. Beautiful, evocative, and slightly miraculous when you think about them. Here are 11 of my favourites - sure to capture the hearts of anyone bookish.


Hearing the Voice: Storytelling with Juliet Conlin

"Subject your senses – all five of them – to a wide range of different experiences. Challenge your preferences and dare to be uncomfortable. I think that if we always stay inside a narrow comfort zone, this weakens our ability to perceive and understand the world around us. Make your brain work!"

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Amazon Killed the Bookstore, Long Live the Bookstore

Time Magazine might have thought it popped up by surprise, but in reality Amazon’s first physical bookstore has been a long time coming. Yes, you read that right. Amazon’s first physical bookstore. To be exact, they’ve opened a 5,500-square-foot bookstore, carrying a not-that-impressive 5,000 to 6,000 titles with 15 employees under the direction of Amazon … Continue reading Amazon Killed the Bookstore, Long Live the Bookstore