Literacy is a superpower

Matilda is one of my favourite literary heroines - strong-minded, smart, sassy, an enthusiast in life. And Roald Dahl's novel, other than being the rebellious nerd's handbook to growing up good, has a very special message I don't think any other makes quite so brilliantly: books are magic (uniquely, portably so) and they give us power - super powers - that we barely notice. Here are my musings upon that, with some ideas for how we can become Real Life Superheroes.

Books vs. Films: a love/hate relationship with ‘creative license’

Later this year (actually right around my birthday), a new Tim Burton film is coming out. Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiars. Based on the Ransom Riggs hit 2011 novel, ‘Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children’, there’s reason to be excited. I loved those books. The first I downloaded in an airport, not expecting much, but … Continue reading Books vs. Films: a love/hate relationship with ‘creative license’