Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet.

I’m a writer, blogger and general word-nerd working in tech, with a penchant for setting up shop as a reader-in-residence wherever I go.

A little about me: I’m the girl who frequently runs late to work, parties, and invites because she’s caught in a book; the girl who struggles to remove ink stains from her fingers; the girl who goes over the baggage allowance because there are too many pens, papers and books in her bag and godforbid the Kindle runs out of juice.

I’m also a giant nerd, fascinated by the crossovers between literature, philosophy, technology and the brain. So you’ll catch me writing about everything (and anything) from the neurological to the millennial, find listicles and long reads side by side. I hope you’ll run across more than a few ideas that make you think.

What is The Scribble Bug?

Like a rough draft of a book (from a crudely sketched story arc to just a few blotted words on a ketchup-stained napkin nabbed from the bar), a Scribbler is one of the many preforms of an an aspiring writer – which is a nice way of saying an unpublished author.

Almost all Scribblers suffer from the The Scribble Bug. It’s an incurable condition, with common symptoms including bibliophilia, logophilia and a peculiar love of ink, paper and the smell of old books.

One day the Bug forces a Scribbler undergo a similar metamorphoses to its paper counterpart. They will be passed from hand to hand, um’d and ah’d over, rejected, ignored, lost and then, eventually, hopefully, wonderfully, they will be published.

All in all Scribblers are just about WORDS and most of the time, that is enough.

Time to go reading.

You can also find more of my writing on the original Blogger : The Scribble Bug @ Blogspot

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