On Silence & Speaking Up (Or Why Our Voices Matter)

The way we react and talk about trauma has changed thanks to the rise of social media and 24-hr news cycles. Recently, we saw this following the massacre in Orlando, the murder of MP Jo Cox, the EU Referendum more generally. All very different events. All followed by outpourings of grief, condolence, anger, support that went viral and … Continue reading On Silence & Speaking Up (Or Why Our Voices Matter)

Brexit but Remain Against Ignorance

A slightly edited (for images/grammar) version of a FB post: I've tried finding words but I'm struggling today so apologies for the word vomit and umpteen images. This post won't be eloquent or clever. Here's the thing, when it comes to politics I've never felt so personally affected by a decision before - for a … Continue reading Brexit but Remain Against Ignorance