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#LikeAGirl vs. Matt Haig: Can Men Write A Feminist Novel?

In January, Emma Watson spoke of her pride in being part of the HeForShe movement. She told us that feminism is a matter for both genders, and has benefits for women and men. When Matt Haig expressed an interest in writing about gender, however, twitter descended. Why? Can a man not write a feminist novel?

Pretty Girls Karin Slaughter

Book Review: Pretty Girls, Karin Slaughter’s Chilling New Thriller

Slaughter’s meticulous detailing and vivid prose will keep most readers gripped – providing they have a strong stomach. For those seeking a psychological thriller you’ve come to the right place, but for Slaughter fans, it’s probably best to be aware that this is a crime master challenging herself rather than her readers.

BookADay UK : From Beginnings to Ends

So many of these questions were answered by a) Harry Potter, b) crime fiction, and c) literary classics, d) fantasy and e) young adult… I've decided I'm splitting those off into their own little subsects. Some of the answers are in here anyway. And you'll be able to link through to the other editions once they're live.

Bring Back Derek? Not Signing but Not Watching Either

“It’s a beautiful day to save lives." 😭 #GreysAnatomy — Lana_Jen☁️ (@lanajenpie) May 1, 2015 It’s the second Thursday since That Episode. The episode that ended the McDream. That caused a general fan meltdown. That resulted in a boycott, a petition, and a gazillion tweets calling Shonda Rhimes a monster. .@shondarhimes YOU ARE … Continue reading Bring Back Derek? Not Signing but Not Watching Either

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3 Money Facts about Gen Y Cos I Feel So Millennial Like You

Feel So Millennial Like You 3 Things About Millennials & Their Money Confident, self-expressive, liberal, receptive to new ideas and ways of living: these are some of the descriptions the Pew Research Centre in America applies to the generational personality of the millennial. Something they probably ought to add is our tenacity when it comes to … Continue reading 3 Money Facts about Gen Y Cos I Feel So Millennial Like You